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Twitter Takes the Gold during 2014 Winter Olympics

Social Media

We knew social media would be buzzing with the Winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia. There was plenty of things to discuss heading into Sochi: construction problems, security and gay rights/protests, but then we learned via #SochiProblems about the hotel accommodations, vulnerability of immediately being hacked when you get on the Internet and more…. Continue Reading

2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Notable Commercials

Outbound Marketing

This list is by no means all encompassing, but here’s a few of the commercials that stood out to us. Radioshack The 80’s called, they want their store back. It’s very possible being an 80’s child that I’m biased, but the commercial was entertaining.  It made you pay attention and it was memorable.  Pity Radioshack… Continue Reading