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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of May 22, 2015.

Business Highlight

Explaining Technology’s Value
Forbes by Paul Miller

More than fifty years after British Prime Minister Harold Wilson talked persuasively about the ‘white heat of technology,’ the flames of technological progress continue to burn brightly. But, at least in the sectors in which I normally work, I’m noticing a rather worrying trend. Too many of those at the forefront of innovation seem unable or unwilling to describe the value of their work to potential customers.

There is a place for ‘speeds and feeds,’ and conversations in which companies celebrate new algorithms, new APIs, and pretty web management consoles. But there is also a place — and a pressing need — for conversations in which they clearly describe what all these advances mean for the way in which their customers can do business.

Web Highlight

Building An Advanced Notification System For WordPress
Smashing Magazine by Carlo Daniele

A lot of tools enable us to distribute a website’s content, but when we need to promptly reach a target group, an email notification system might be the best option. If your website is not frequently updated, you could notify all subscribers each time a post is published. However, if it’s updated frequently or it covers several topics, you could filter subscribers before mailing them.

If you opt for the latter, you could set up a user meta field that stores a bit of information to identify the subscribers to be notified. The same bit of information would label the posts you’re publishing. Depending on the website’s architecture, you could store the meta data in a category, a tag, a custom taxonomy or a custom field. In this article we’ll show you how to let your website’s subscribers decide when they want notifications, and linked to a particular location.

Technology Highlight

Speed-of-light computers made possible by ultra-tiny ‘beamsplitter’
Mashable by JP Mangalindan

Computer engineers at the University of Utah announced a breakthrough on Monday, potentially paving the way for supercomputers that process data thousands of times faster than they do now.

Traditional computers process data by way of electrons, which travel through wired connections. But the engineers have developed an “ultracompact beamsplitter” that uses photons instead, creating light beams 50 times thinner than a strand of hair.

And because the beamsplitter itself is so small, millions of them could fit on a single computer chip.

SEO Highlight

Are Private Blog Networks Still SEO Effective?
Website Magazine by Travis Bliffen

Private blog networks (PBNs) have been influencing the search engine result pages (SERPs) in one way or another for several years. In the past all you needed was a network with strong Page Rank and you could boost most sites. After several updates from Google to include Hummingbird, its ability to determine the topical relevance of a website has increased dramatically. With that, the effectiveness of links from unrelated websites has decreased considerably. Couple that with the fact the Page Rank is no longer updated and you are left looking for a new way to determine the quality of potential PBN sites. Today we are going to look at why PBNs are used and how they are created.

Marketing Highlight

Ad Tech Is Dead, Long Live Marketing Tech
TechCrunch by Bill Bourdon

VCs and public market investors cringe when they hear the words “ad tech.” It’s no wonder why. The segment has been soured by an over-saturation of ad networks and poor-performing IPOs. Rocket Fuel’s stock is down more than 80 percent since its IPO in September 2013, while Millennial Media is down 94 percent since it went public a year earlier.

In spite of these high-profile ad tech flameouts, Gartner predicts CMOs will spend more on technology than CIOs by 2017. All signs point to this becoming true. While ad tech clearly has an image problem among investors, the larger marketing tech sector in which it plays is raging.

Social Media Highlight

How to Cross Promote Your Social Profiles With Facebook
Social Media Examiner by Andrea Vahl

Are you active on multiple social platforms?

Are you using your Facebook page to grow followings on other platforms?

Promoting links to all your social profiles on Facebook lets your fans know where else they can find you.

In this article you’ll discover six ways to promote your social profiles on your Facebook page.


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