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Top Features We Want Announced at Inbound14

Inbound Marketing

Inbound14 is right around the corner and we’re excited as ever!  HubSpot usually takes advantage of the conference to release new features and let everyone know about upcoming improvements.  While we love HubSpot, there’s always a little room for improvement.  Here are the top 3 things we’d like to hear announced at this year’s Inbound14… Continue Reading

Here are the Key Marketing Metrics to Sell to the C-Suite

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Key Marketing Metrics

If you have ever had the pleasure of presenting marketing metrics and campaign performance results to C-Suite executives, and you did not get the response you were hoping for you’re not alone. On the sales side of business, where dollars generated is the only metric that counts, it can be difficult to discuss and communicate… Continue Reading

Wanted: SEO in a Google (not provided) World

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Google SEO

In 2013, Google announced that they would be encrypting, and therefore stripping away organic keyword data from Google Analytics. When the news initially broke there was an all encompassing gasp amongst the marketing world. “What do we do now?” Next, the internal question was asked, ‘where do I put my marketing efforts in the digital… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Collateral Damage in Google’s Attack on Guest Blogs

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If you’ve been following the search engine news lately, you know that Google recently penalized MyBlogGuest for what they consider to be spammy practices.  The tactic of guest blogging was put on notice in mid-January by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team. Despite the warning, many in the community weren’t sure when and how… Continue Reading

How are Companies Taking Advantage of the Super Bowl?

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Go Viral or Go Home Each year, companies seem like they have to do more than the previous year to get your attention during the Super Bowl. Let’s face it, when a company is investing $4 million for a 30 second spot, Return on Investment (ROI) becomes even more critical. Advertising companies started a new… Continue Reading

Top 6 Inbound Marketing Tools

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If you’re employing an inbound marketing strategy, you’ll need some tools to help you get the best results.  This is by no means a complete list, but here are six of the tools we have found to be the most helpful: HubSpot Quite frankly, if you’re using HubSpot, you probably don’t need any other tools…. Continue Reading

What is "Inbound Marketing" and What Do I Need to Know?

Inbound Marketing

Surely you’ve heard the term inbound marketing.  You see it everywhere now – white papers, videos, books, blog articles (this one being no exception).  Recently, a good friend of mine who is in the process of opening up a new business was asking for some marketing advice.  My advice included the term “inbound marketing,” of… Continue Reading