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Amazon Apparently Working On Secret Startup Platform and More Articles

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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of January 9, 2015.

Business Highlight

Amazon Apparently Working On Secret Startup Platform
WebProNews by Chris Crum

Amazon is reportedly working on some kind of new “platform for inventors”. Details about just what this might entail are far from plentiful, but there are some job listings Amazon has, which hint at the project.

Re/code’s Jason Del Rey came across said listings, and spoke to some unidentified people about Amazon’s plans. He writes:

But sources say it could be connected to a recent initiative Amazon has been pursuing. Amazon is attempting to build close relationships with young, promising hardware and electronics companies — think robotic toys, fitness and health gadgets — with the goal of convincing them to build their business using Amazon as the main sales channel.

Web Highlight

Five Rookie Website Mistakes You Can Fix Today
MarketingProfs by Andy Crestodina

The planning. The design. The writing. The programming and testing. Building a website can take hundreds of hours of work over months of time. And then, finally, it’s live.

The result of all that effort depends on a lot of little things. And some of those little things can often hurt the result—big time.

Some common mistakes have big consequences, but they’re also fixable. And some of those fixes are easy. This article is about a list of five mistakes that can cause big problems but have easy fixes.

Technology Highlight

Robotbase Wants To Put An Intelligent Robot In Every House
TechCrunch by Frederic Lardinois

If it’s up to Robotbase, you’ll soon be coming home and a robot will greet you at the door. While you were away, the Robotbase Personal Robot patrolled your home, made sure the temperature was lowered when you left, maybe locked the door after you were gone and, through its built-in camera, allowed you to check in on your dog, too. Robotbase is officially launching its Kickstarter campaign today with an appearance from of our CES Battlefield judges today.

SEO Highlight

12 Common Reasons Reconsideration Requests Fail
MOZ by Modestos Siotos

There are several reasons a reconsideration request might fail. But some of the most common mistakes site owners and inexperienced SEOs make when trying to lift a link-related Google penalty are entirely avoidable.

This article includes a list of the top 12 most common mistakes made when submitting reconsideration requests, and how you can prevent them.

Marketing Highlight

How to Promote Every Piece of Content You Create
Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

You’ve written a series of useful blog posts and done everything you’ve told to optimize that content for your most important keyword phrases. Now it’s time to post it to your social media profiles and sit back and enjoy the rush of traffic.

Several years ago this scenario may have been true, but today content marketing has become so competitive that you must include significant promotion as a core element of your editorial process.

Social Media Highlight

How Social Listening Can Improve Your Marketing
Social Media Examiner by Neil Patel

Are you listening to what people are saying about your company?

Are you responding to those comments?

The goal of social listening isn’t just to hear what others are saying about you, it’s to act on those discussions.

In this article you’ll discover what social listening is, how it works and how responding improves communication.


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