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Analytics and Metrics: Related but Not the Same and More Articles

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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of April 17, 2015.

Business Highlight

Odds Are, Your CRM Is Failing Your Business
Website Magazine by David Trice

In today’s retail world, customers are firmly in control. They decide how to interact with a business; they decide when they interact with a business.

And when a customer engages with a brand, no matter the platform, he or she expects and demands a consistent experience. The company’s left hand must know what the right hand is doing. The fact is, customers could care less about departmental divisions, disparate software platforms or layers of management. How well an organization manages these touchpoints in order to create one singular, positive experience for the consumer is what is driving brand loyalty today.

Web Highlight

Using Sketch For Responsive Web Design (A Case Study)
Website Magazine by Ashley Bennett

If you’re a member of the web or UI design community, it’s been hard to avoid talking about Sketch over the last year. The launch of this design app shook up an industry dominated by Adobe for more than two decades, and it has caused an ongoing debate about whether Sketch is better than Photoshop and Illustrator (and Fireworks).

A longtime Photoshop user myself, I made the switch to Sketch in early 2014 and haven’t looked back. I love certain features of the program, such as the simple interface, file autosave and infinite canvas. However, plenty of other programs out there have similar features, and until the most recent update (Sketch 3.2), users were battling a lot of bugs in the app.

So, why do I continue to use Sketch? Bugs or no bugs, it has become the best tool for UI design, including responsive web design.

Technology Highlight

Apple Patents A System To Broadcast Your Availability For Calls
Tech Crunch by Darrell Etherington

Apple has a new patent, granted today by the USPTO (via AppleInsider), that would use contextual information including your current time zone, ringer silence status, battery life, location and cell network strength to automatically determine whether you’re available for a call and display that information to friends.

The new Apple patent details a system that would use all relevant signals from a mobile phone, including whether it’s been placed in airplane mode, or set solely to vibration. Using a combination of various bits of information, it could determine when you were in meetings, for instance, or in the middle of some kind of exercise activity and unwilling to take a call.

SEO Highlight

How Fractl Leveraged Content Marketing to Increase its Referral Traffic 6,718%
MOZ by Kelsey Libert

In October 2013, Fractl published a study on viral emotions on the Harvard Business Review. The research was picked up by several high-authority publishers, catapulted our brand’s authority, increased our brand awareness, and drove dozens of qualified leads. To our expectation, we proved that our client-facing, research-driven content marketing strategy could have the same long-term impact on our own brand. Then, we were off to the races.

In early 2014, we launched a survey of more than 500 top-tier publishers. Then, we released a study analyzing 2.6 billion social shares. By November 2014, we joined forces with influencer marketing tool BuzzStream. To date, we’ve launched more than 10 industry research–driven marketing campaigns, earning more than 180 pickups and 45,000 social shares.

Marketing Highlight

Analytics and Metrics: Related but Not the Same (An Explanation and a Checklist)
MarketingProfs by John Laura Patterson

At several conferences recently, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a variety of B2B marketers on the topic of analytics.

During one conversation with a marketing vice-president for a B2B company, he said, “We have our metrics well in hand, we use Google Analytics and a number of other sources.” Then, in another conversation, people were using the terms “analytics” and “metrics” interchangeably.

I admit to having been taken by surprise. Though metrics and analytics go hand in hand, and both are used by best-in-class (BIC) marketers to prove and improve the value of marketing, they are not the same.

So, the purpose of this article is to clarify the two concepts and provide a checklist to help you determine your team’s maturity level in these two critical proficiencies.

Social Media Highlight

Periscope Gaining More Traction Than Meerkat on Twitter
WebProNews by Chris Crum

Since SXSW, much has been made about the competition between Meerkat and Periscope, the two new social live video streaming offerings. The the latter comes directly from Twitter, as the company acquired it before launch.

Which one is gaining more ground? Well, if new data from Socialbakers is any indication, the edge has gone to Twitter’s own Periscope.


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