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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of February 6, 2015.

Business Highlight

The Simple Trick To Productivity? Do One Thing At Once
Forbes by Frances Booth

Here’s a work scenario most of us are familiar with …

You’ve just settled down to the task you’re doing, when someone interrupts you and asks you to do something else instead.

So, you switch tasks and put aside whatever it was you were doing.

But how much has switching your attention in this way just cost you in terms of lost productivity?

Research shows that switch-tasking – where we switch from one task to another – is extremely bad for productivity.

Web Highlight

Automatic Web Application Security Scans or Manual Penetration Testing?
WebProNews by Staff

Automatic versus manual. A heavily debated subject whatever you speak of, and it is no different in the web application security industry. Should you do a manual penetration test or automatically scan all your websites with an automated web application security scanner? With which process you would find most vulnerabilities and which one has the best return on investment?

In reality you need a bit of both. Actually, with today’s complex web application you cannot do without automation. By automating the majority of a penetration test, i.e. scan your website with a web vulnerability scanner you ensure that the security audits are more accurate, detect more vulnerabilities and save time. And when you save time you keep costs lows and have enough time to finalize the penetration test with a manual check for logical vulnerabilities.

In this article I will walk you through the different stages of a web application penetration test which help in highlighting the fact that automation is a must in web application security.

Technology Highlight

Amazon’s Kindle Convert Can Turn Your Paper Library Into E-Books
Tech Crunch by Darrell Etherington

If you’ve been hanging on to those paper books because the idea of having to repurchase them all as Kindle titles is daunting, Amazon has a new option for you: Kindle Convert, a program for Windows that turns print books into digital versions fully compatible with Amazon’s Kindle software, including adjustable font, Whispersync for making sure you’ll be able to go to the furthest read position on any device, and backup in Amazon’s cloud for free, providing access across devices.

SEO Highlight

Is Engagement the Next Big Thing in SEO?
Duct Tape Marketing by Phil Singleton

In the old days, which were actually just a few short years ago, ‘engagement’ was not part of SEO lexicon. SEO used to be focused on keyword optimization and volume based link building – not whether a website or blog was actually was being shared or discussed in social networks. Today, it’s all about generating great content that motivates your audience to share it, like it and discuss it. Google’s main objective has always been to deliver the best possible search results for their users. So what is engagement and how does it count for SEO?

Marketing Highlight

Experience Marketing: How to Build a Customer-Centric Marketing Machine
MarketingProfs by Lars Birkholm Petersen

“One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men,” Elbert Hubbard said. A similar analogy can be made about experience marketing: You are, in effect, building a customer-centric marketing machine that will multiply the results of your efforts.

But what ingredients will enable you to make a measurable contribution to sales while optimizing your marketing spend?

Social Media Highlight

How to Deal With Social Media Trolls
Social Media Examiner by Rachel Wisuri

Do your social media accounts get negative comments?

Have social media trolls wreaked havoc for your business?

How you respond to trolls can impact your brand and reputation. A few tactics can help you defuse the negative situation in the best possible way.

In this article I’ll share how to respond to social media trolls, as well as how basic guidelines keep your community troll-free.


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