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Has Google Penalized Your Website And More Articles

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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of July 25, 2014.

Business Highlight

What Are Effective Methods for Brainstorming a Million-Dollar Idea?
Mashable by Jeff Nelson

How did you get a million-dollar idea? What were you doing when you had the illumination? What did you do next?

Web Highlight

You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy
Smashing Magazine by Maximiliano Firtman

You resize the browser and a smile creeps over your face. You’re happy: You think you are now mobile-friendly, that you have achieved your goals for the website. Let me be a bit forward before getting into the discussion: You are losing users and probably money if responsive web design is your entire goal and your only solution for mobile. The good news is that you can do it right.

Technology Highlight

Amazon Fire: The Phone That Makes You a Star
Mashable by Pete Pachal

Amazon took its time in launching the Fire phone, and it shows. Where you might expect a device carelessly thrown together to capitalize on the popularity of the Kindle Fire tablets, you instead find a remarkably well-designed piece of technology. And it’s fun to use, too.

SEO Highlight

Has Google Penalized Your Website? SEO Can Help
MarketingProfs by Joe Chierotti

Search engine optimization is a burgeoning industry that continues to experience a fast rise in popularity—due, in large part, to an enthusiastic effort by Google engineers to create more relevant and organic search results for users.

With constant updates and tweaks to its algorithms, Google is attempting to improve how websites are created, developed, and experienced. One way Google attempts to improve the user experience is to penalize sites that knowingly or unknowingly break Google’s rules. The usual result is the devastation of the penalized company’s Web presence.

Being the recipient of Google’s algorithmic wrath can often result in a penalty that makes your site virtually invisible to searchers, undermining your ability to reach your audience or customer base, and effectively eliminating your potential to establish a digital presence.

Luckily, some effective SEO practices can help repair the damage done to a site by a Google penalty, eventually restoring its ranking prominence and visibility.

Marketing Highlight

Why Customer Retention Is More Important Than Acquisition
Mashable by Ohad Hecht

Knowing how to spend your marketing budget with confidence is always a challenge. Where do I allocate the money so it makes the most impact? How do I allocate the money in a way that I can show tangible results? These are the typical questions marketers ask themselves.

Of all the questions, the most critical to answer is: Do we invest good money in acquiring new customers, or do we focus on retaining the customers we have already acquired and personalize their experience? “To retain or acquire?” — this is the question.

Social Media Highlight

10 Surprising Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Facts — Social Media Statistics 2014
Digital Information World by Irfan Ahmad

This infographic from Mainstreethost highlights 10 surprising social media marketing stats that every marketer should know about.

Some key stats are:
On Twitter, your biggest advocates have fewer than 500 followers.
10 to 11 PM is the best time for retweets.
Engagement rate on Facebook is higher on Friday.
Photo posts get the most likes and comments on Facebook pages.
Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are the kings of referral traffic.
Tuesday is the best day for sharing Technology related Pins on Pinterest.


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