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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of November 21, 2014.

Business Highlight

One Of Tech City’s Youngest Angels Tells The Story Behind Early Stage Funding
Forbes by Edmund Ingham

Ambition. Faith. Aggression. These are the three words Angel investor Ben Wynne Simmons chooses to describe the key traits behind a style of investing he terms “the Silicon Valley method”. Ambition due to the size of markets and incumbents tech companies are willing to challenge. Faith, because there must be a critical mass of people who believe in a project to support it through an often loss making growth phase, and aggression in relation to the investment valuations start-ups are now attracting.

Sound a little intimidating? It’s not the intention, but if investing in stocks and shares is generally regarded as not a game for the faint hearted, investing in start-up businesses, “is another level up”, says Ben. “It always has been, but what has changed is the relatively large number of highly successful businesses that can be set up and grown with a small team of people in an East London co working space”

Web Highlight

5 Ways to Get Started on Website Personalization
Website Magazine by Noah Logan

The sales and marketing funnel is dramatically different now than it was just less than 10 years ago. According to Forrester Research, today’s B2B buyers may go up through at least two-thirds of their buying journey before actually speaking with a vendor. To keep the interest of these prospects, marketers must provide content that is valuable to each of their buyers at various stages of their buying journey, and what is valuable to customers will vary based on their position, industry and stage of their journey. They must then deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Providing a more targeted, personalized content experience will significantly boost conversions and drive business results. The nice part is – it’s not hard to do, even for non-technical marketers. Here are five ways to easily and quickly get started on website personalization.

Technology Highlight

Does more technology equal a safer home?
Mashable by Stephanie Walden

We’ve got more technology than ever before — there are apps to help us accomplish everything from cleaning our homes and compiling a grocery list to monitoring our belongings from afar. And when it comes to smart home tech, it seems as if nearly everything is now automated.

But with this influx of technology comes a whole new breed of criminal — hackers and tech-savvy “bad guys” pose threats to security, for both physical and virtual intrusions of your home.

SEO Highlight

Why “Good” SEO is No Longer Just About Rankings
Website Magazine by Ryan Clutter

With the evolving algorithms and changes in the way consumers search and land on your website, SEO has adapted into a field that concerns much more than rankings.

To optimize your website, you have to look at a plethora of factors, with your primary and overall focus on user experience. Thanks to Google’s Panda update, gone are the days of stuffing keywords into every facet of your page—from title tags to meta tags, headers and your thin content. You should no longer be structuring your site to get a high ranking from the crawlers, rather structure your website for users and consumers through an aesthetically pleasing design, high-quality content and effortless navigation. Websites, regardless of industry, should be a platform that offers a unique experience to drive traffic, which will result in high rankings.

Marketing Highlight

How to Build Your Marketing Hourglass
Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Marketers have long held to the idea of the marketing and sales funnel – a notion that suggests you start with a large target group and somehow squeeze a few clients down through the small end of the funnel.

For years now I’ve been promoting something I call The Marketing Hourglass™, a much more holistic and increasingly effective approach in the “era of the customer” we live in today.

The marketing funnel suggests that the buyer’s journey is a straight one and the we as marketers are in charge of how they tread the path when in fact so much of the buyer’s journey today happens without our knowledge and participation.

Social Media Highlight

3 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads for Better Results
Social Media Examiner by Jason How

Are you running Facebook ads?

Do you want to get more out of your ads?

The right optimization can make or break your ad campaign. Target audiences, timing and ad creative are all important considerations.

In this article I’ll share three tips for making the most of your Facebook ad campaigns.


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