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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of April 3, 2015.

Business Highlight

The Accidental CEO: Do You Have What It Takes?
Forbes by Joel Trammell

The path to becoming a CEO is not always a direct one. Many people think it’s just the next rung up the corporate ladder, but for others, getting the role is serendipitous. Perhaps, like politicians, the best CEOs are those who don’t seek out the role but focus first on being successful in their chosen fields. Here are three first-time CEOs who fall into this category. They built great careers and somewhere along the way realized they have what it takes to be a CEO.

For Randy Chou, CEO of enterprise cloud storage infrastructure provider Panzura, becoming a CEO was never a focus. He had a successful career leading software teams for companies such as Aruba Networks. Then a breakfast with veteran tech investor Ben Horowitz in 2008 changed his life.

Web Highlight

Putting Mobile Back End As A Service Into Practice (Part 1)
Smashing Magazine by David Tucker

In a previous article I introduced mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) which aims at giving app developers the ability to create seamlessly new feature-complete cross-platform native and web applications.

The next step is implementing a complete demo application using those ideas. Through this real working application, you will be able to see the areas in which MBaaS provides value. This first part will walk you through a messaging application demo powered by the Kinvey application and explore how to leverage user management, file storage and the data store.

The second part will complete the demo and demonstrate how to leverage two key pieces of Kinvey functionality: the permissions provided by the data store, and push notifications, which are enabled through the business logic functionality.

Technology Highlight

How ion thruster technology will power future NASA missions
Engadget by Steve Dent

For its crazy 2020 asteroid capture mission and other projects, NASA is developing next-gen “Hall effect thrusters” to corral an asteroid and put it into the moon’s orbit. At the same time, the European Space Agency (ESA) is trying to improve its own Hall thrusters to power future missions. If you’re wondering what the heck they are, Hall effect motors are a type of ion thruster that produce a tiny 0.7 pounds of force, or the weight of 54 US quarters, according to NASA. However, they’re much more efficient than standard rockets, and if run long enough, can power a spaceship to speeds as high as 112,000 mph. So how do they actually work?

SEO Highlight

SEO Checklist: 15 Steps to Optimize Your Website
MarketingProfs by Eugene Dediu

Today, just about anyone can create a new website on any topic and gather a team around it to develop and grow the site through content.

But many people fail to get on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) because they believe it’s just about content, rather than also doing keyword research, creating a semantic kernel, making the website mobile friendly, or even putting the right alt text for images, and so on.

The following list is an SEO checklist of actions that you need to take to optimize your website for search engines.

Marketing Highlight

Why Your Brand Must Own a Single Word
Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Let’s just start with the fact that every business has a brand – regardless of size, product category or market share.

A brand is the collective perception of those that interact with your business – good, bad or indifferent though they may be, they still put their stamp on the overall experience and promise.

So, the only real question is how do you intentionally guide that stamp and promise so that people have an experience in line with what you want it to be.

Social Media Highlight

How to Improve Your Email Marketing With Social Media
Social Media Examiner by Kristi Hines

Want to know how to grow your email list?

Are you using social media to support your email list growth?

If you’re thinking of marketing tactics such as email and social media as two separate entities, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits.

In this article you’ll discover tips for using social media to improve your email marketing.


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