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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of December 5, 2014.

Business Highlight

Why You Must Kill the Time Sheet
Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

The age old practice of billing for time is both unethical and profit robbing.

It’s unethical because it misaligns you and client. Your goal now is to bill as many hours as possible at the highest possible rate. This is the exact process that has many firms tracking things that don’t benefit the client at all and throwing senior people at things they shouldn’t be doing.

Web Highlight

Don’t Get Lost In Translation: How To Conduct Website Localization
Smashing Magazine by Julia Rozwens

A common mistake with localized websites is considering the translated content to be just another version of the pages in the original language. Translation isn’t everything. Of course, for the user it’s all about the content: Is the content relevant and understandable and in line with the user’s cultural context?

From a commercial point of view, when you decide to create and maintain a multilingual website, you have to consider many more points than just translation. We’ll explore some of the issues to think about when localizing a website.

Technology Highlight

High-speed camera tracks light at 100 billion fps
Engadget by Philip Palermo

For most of us, high-speed image capture, say 120 or 240 frames per second, is enough to get a good look at stuff happening in the blink of an eye — like a water droplet hitting the ground or a Bichon Frisé snagging his favorite ball. For faster subjects, industrial-strength high-speed cameras can grab tens of thousands of frames per second (or more). But when your rapidly moving target is light itself, you’re going to need something a bit quicker — to the tune of 100 billion fps, according to Nature.

SEO Highlight

Long Tail CTR Study: The Forgotten Traffic Beyond Top 10 Rankings
MOZ by Gary Moyle

Search behavior is fundamentally changing, as users become more savvy and increasingly familiar with search technology. Google’s results have also changed significantly over the last decade, going from a simple page of 10 blue links to a much richer layout, including videos, images, shopping ads and the innovative Knowledge Graph.

We also know there are an increasing amount of touchpoints in a customer journey involving different channels and devices. Google’s Zero Moment of Truth theory (ZMOT), which describes a revolution in the way consumers search for information online, supports this idea and predicts that we can expect the number of times natural search is involved on the path to a conversion to get higher and higher.

Marketing Highlight

So You’re Thinking About Implementing Marketing Automation
MarketingProfs by Jason Siffring

So you’re thinking about implementing marketing automation?

Don’t do it… yet.

Marketing automation (MA) software can add to your workload, alienate important prospects, and cause you to add hundreds of dollars to the swear jar.

Or… it can deliver real, positive ROI.

The difference is planning.

So don’t buy into a marketing automation solution until you’ve created a plan for implementing it. I know that’s sounds obvious—like “don’t build a house without a blueprint.” But it’s true—and too often ignored.

Social Media Highlight

Content Sharing: How to Build a Following Using Other People’s Content
Social Media Examiner by Michael Stelzner

Do you have a content sharing strategy for your business?

Are you interested in discovering ways to leverage great content to promote your business and drive sales?

To learn how to build a following by sharing other people’s content, I interview Guy Kawasaki.


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