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Long-Tail Opportunities, Shareable Content Qualities, and More Articles

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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of April 10, 2015.

Business Highlight

For Big Data, It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times
Forbes by Howard Baldwin

So you’re trying to figure out whether your company should invest in big data analytics. You may be a CIO, you may be in marketing; doesn’t matter. You’re looking at what other people are doing to see whether this technology is going the way of smartphones or Microsoft Clippy.

You have my sympathy. There are those of us who find big data inherently fascinating and ultimately fruitful, as long as you have the data sources and you know the analysis that will help you the most. But as indicated by my Dickensian title, reading about big data may lead someone to think that they’re thumbing through a tale of two completely different technologies.

Web Highlight

Adaptive Design Meets Responsive Development
Website Magazine by Brian Crucitti

Both adaptive and responsive Web design models have adherents, and while it’s tempting to choose a side, perhaps a better way exists. Adaptive design is more commonplace but has downfalls, while responsive design is more desirable but harder to achieve. Could it be the way of the future to meld the two seamlessly, enjoying the benefits of both? Let’s explore this idea.

Technology Highlight

Nintendo As A Service
Tech Crunch by Kyle Russell

With the rise of iOS and Android, hundreds of millions of people have come to see mobile gaming as an activity done on their phones rather than a dedicated device.

Portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita offer plenty of fun experiences built from the ground up for their hardware and controls, but in the grand scheme of things, what was once the norm for the space is now the niche, just as point-and-shoot cameras were subsumed by the rise of the smartphone.

In the home, Nintendo’s now in a very far third place behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, just one generation after outselling Sony and Microsoft by 20 million units with the original Wii. If it weren’t for Nintendo’s high attach rate (it can get a lot of Nintendo fans to pick up every single new release for $59), the console would look like an absolute disaster.

SEO Highlight

Off with Your Head Terms: Leveraging Long-Tail Opportunity with Content
MOZ by Simon Penson

Running an agency comes with many privileges, including a first-hand look at large amounts of data on how clients’ sites behave in search, and especially how that behavior changes day-to-day and month-to-month.

While every niche is different and can have subtle nuances that frustrate even the most hardened SEOs or data analysts, there are undoubtedly trends that stick out every so often which are worthy of further investigation.

In the past year, the Zazzle Media team has been monitoring one in particular, and today’s post is designed to shed some light on it in hopes of creating a wider debate.

What is this trend, you ask? In simple terms, it’s what we see as a major shift in the way results are presented, and it’s resulting in more traffic for the long tail.

Marketing Highlight

The Most Excellent Qualities of Shareable Content
Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

You posted a picture of your new shoes on Facebook, and now the whole world is debating whether they are pink and green or red and yellow. 50 thousand shares, and umpteen million interactions. People are going to your Facebook page; most are even liking the page for updates on the real color of your new shoes… The alarm clock buzzes. Time to face reality.
Does this sound like a social media dream you’ve had? Ok, maybe not shoes, but having a piece of your content go viral? For this to happen, you’ve got to create shareable content. Your followers are looking for certain qualities in the content they share. If you’re not ensuring that your tweets, updates, blogs, etc. have those qualities, you’re ensuring that no one beyond your followers will ever see that information. Here are three qualities to consider including if you want to make that viral dream a reality.

Social Media Highlight

A Pinterest Stat Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore
WebProNews by Chris Crum

You’ve heard over and over again that your business should be using Pinterest, but are you really taking this advice? And if so, to what extent? Are you paying as much attention to it as you should be? Probably not, you know why? Because business is HUGE on Pinterest. Probably more so than you ever realized.

Pinterest just turned five years old, and the company is sharing some new stats about its growth. The one businesses shouldn’t ignore is that 2/3 of pins come from business websites.


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