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YouTube Now Streams HTML5 By Default and More Articles

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Here are some articles you may have missed for the week of January 30, 2015.

Business Highlight

The Rise Of The Tech Superwoman
Forbes by Lisa Serwin

A curious thing has happened in Silicon Valley.

Despite the fact that there are tons of fabulous women leading today’s most innovative tech companies, we (both the media and general public) seem to have collectively latched onto two or three. Can you guess who they are?

This isn’t to say that the leadership of Sheryl Sandburg, Melissa Meyer, and Meg Whitman isn’t incredible. It is. But it’s high time we change the narrative and shine the spotlight on other tech trailblazers: female thought leaders and power brokers who have all beaten the odds to succeed. Does the name Elizabeth Holmes at Theranos ring a bell? It should. She’s revolutionizing blood tests and owns 50% of her company, currently valued at $9B.

Web Highlight

YouTube Now Streams HTML5 Video By Default
TechCrunch by Frederic Lardinois

Here is one more nail in Flash’s coffin: starting today, YouTube defaults to using HTML5 video on all modern browsers, including Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and the beta versions of Firefox.

YouTube first introduced HTML5 support back in 2010. At the time it was still highly experimental. Over the years, as the HTML5 standard — and with it, its video implementation — matured, browser vendors started adding some of the features that were still missing in the early versions. For YouTube, that was support for Adaptive Bitrate, for example.

The same technology that powers adaptive bitrates also makes it possible for YouTube to live-stream video to the Chromecast and game consoles like the Xbox and PS4.

Technology Highlight

13 travel gadgets for the tech-savvy jetsetter
Mashable by Stephanie Walden

There’s quite a range of travel tech on the market today. For big spenders, a real-life, to-scale Delorean car conversion kit or an underwater RV will certainly impress your friends — but they may not be the most practical purchases.

There are countless gizmos and gadgets specifically for travelers that aren’t quite as ostentatious. From tech to keep an eye on your home or pets while you’re out of town to handy gadgets for translation or keeping your smartphone powered up, we’ve rounded up a few useful technologies for frequent jetsetters below.

SEO Highlight

How to do Keyword Research in 90 Minutes
MOZ by Jeremy Gottlieb

Everyone’s been in the position where there’s a million and one things going on, but a client (or you) still requires top-notch keyword research. So something needs to get done in a pinch. Searching around the internet and learning more about the trendiest aspects of keyword research (because let’s face it, either it’s been a while since you last did it or it’s your first time doing it) can take a ton of time. There are literally millions of things you could be reading about it; actually 15.4 million if we want to be precise.

Unfortunately, no one has time to sift through 15,400,000 results and identify which ones are timely, relevant, or even correct. That’s why I set restrictions so I could stick to a regimented, specific and effective schedule for identifying and presenting the most effective keywords for organic search, no matter who the client is.

Marketing Highlight

Three Threats Lurking in Your Marketing Cloud—and How to Bust Them
MarketingProfs by Scott Meyer

It has been 20 years since the first banner ad appeared on a website. At the time, they were eye-catching! Innovative! Cutting-edge!

But as they proliferated, banner ads turned into a nightmare for companies. They disrupted sight lines, interrupted the user experience, and slowed website performance.

Fast-forward to today. A whole new marketing phenomenon has blossomed, enriching the user experience like never before: cloud technology. It is innovative! Mesmerizing!

Social Media Highlight

26 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing
Social Media Examiner by Debbie Hemley

Does your social media need a boost?

Do you want to add something to your online marketing?

Trying new things can be fun and refreshing, for both you and your audience.

In this article I’ll share 26 ways, an A-Z guide, to improve your social media efforts.


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