Five Steps to Building a Real Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Happy Hour · Episode 8: Five Steps to Building a Real Digital Marketing Campaign

You’re getting ready to run a new digital marketing campaign, what’s the first thing you should do? How do you plan a marketing campaign that focuses on results? We’ll discuss common issues and solutions with your campaign objectives and goals; plus, how you should develop your marketing strategy and tactics.

In this episode, Chris and Ryan discuss the five proven steps you should take with each marketing campaign to ensure a repeatable pattern of success.

1.Start with a goal = Specific and measurable.

Goal vs. objective

Awareness isn’t a goal

SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, Time Bound

Time is the difference between an objective and a goal

Problem identification is a huge step in defining a goal.  You can solve any problem, but identifying the right problem is key to a successful outcome.  If you solve the wrong problem, what difference does it make?

2. Define audience.

  • This is the group of individuals you are trying reach
  • Demographics (age, gender, race, job, etc.)
  • Psychographics (fears and motivations)
  • How many different audiences are you trying to reach?
  • Develop audience personas for your biggest 3 to 5 segments
  • Doesn’t include EVERY person!
    • If You Try To Be Everything To Everyone, You’ll Be Nothing To No One
    • Everyone is not your market

3. Develop strategy

  • Strategy is not a mission (what the organization’s leaders want it to accomplish)
  • Strategy is not a vision (inspiring portrait of what it will look and feel like – motivation)
  • Strategy is not a tactic, which we’ll discuss in more detail shortly
  • A strategy is the plan to reach or connect with the audience to achieve the goal
  • A framework for making decisions

4. Select tactics

  • Concrete and are often oriented toward smaller steps
  • You may decide to implement a social media strategy as part of your campaign.  In this case, purchasing facebook ads is a tactic of that strategy
  • You may decide to increase organic traffic as part of your campaign.  In this case, writing a series of blog articles is a tactic of that strategy

5. Implement and measure

  • How is the campaign performing?  If you answer that with an emotion (i.e., it feels like it’s performing well) then you have no idea

Track the data!  Top to bottom.  How many people click on the ad?  How many people engage with the website?  How many people complete the form?  How many people convert?

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