HubSpot: An Overview of Reports and Marketing Analytics

If you’re running a business – or working for one – you probably understand how important it is to have reliable data.  Without data, any decisions you make will be gut instincts or wild guesses. Measuring information such as the amount of sales, number of clients, website visitors, etc. can help inform your decision making. … Read more

Marketing Technology Company Spotlight: WordStream


As part of our focus on marketing technology, we’re creating a new article series called the Marketing Tech Company Spotlight.  Each article in this series will feature an in-depth look at one company that occupies the marketing technology space.  The focus of these articles will be to introduce the company (if you haven’t already heard … Read more

A Brief Marketing Technology Q&A with Paul Roetzer – CEO of PR 20/20

In February 2004, Paul Roetzer came to a life-changing realization – the marketing-agency model was broken and had been for years.  Having spent the previous six years as a consultant and vice president at a traditional public relations agency, he could see it first-hand.  Billable hours were inefficient at best, there was no innovation within … Read more

Marketing Technology: The New Bridge to the Customer

Moore’s law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every 18 months.  In simpler terms, it means that technology will improve faster and faster over time. You didn’t have to know Moore’s law to see how quickly everything has changed and … Read more