A Brief Marketing Technology Q&A with Paul Roetzer – CEO of PR 20/20

In February 2004, Paul Roetzer came to a life-changing realization – the marketing-agency model was broken and had been for years.  Having spent the previous six years as a consultant and vice president at a traditional public relations agency, he could see it first-hand.  Billable hours were inefficient at best, there was no innovation within … Read more

Marketing Technology: The New Bridge to the Customer

Moore’s law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every 18 months.  In simpler terms, it means that technology will improve faster and faster over time. You didn’t have to know Moore’s law to see how quickly everything has changed and … Read more

Why Aren’t You Measuring Conversion Rates? No, Really – Why Not?

Not measuring conversions is a fundamental flaw in marketing

Alright, I’m going to cut to the chase. Not measuring conversions is a fundamental flaw in marketing analysis. It does not matter if you are a company of one employee or 1 million, it’s extremely important that you measure how your conversions are performing. This metric is absent in a lot of organizations, especially small-to-medium … Read more

Top 5 Funniest Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

Super Bowl XLIX

There were two very distinctive ends of the spectrum to the Super Bowl XLIX commercials this year. There was the ever present humorous ads created by beer and chip companies, and then there were some very serious and emotionally tense commercials with poignant messaging. The latter seems a bit unusual for the Super Bowl spectacle. … Read more

2015 Super Bowl XLIX Best Commercials

Super Bowl XLIX

While millions of Americans look forward to the Super Bowl every year, it’s not just the game people enjoy. We look forward to the whole package – the parties, the food, the booze, and, of course, the commercials. Most are pretty unremarkable and never manage to stick with us for more then a few moments. … Read more