RETHINK your Marketing Strategy Process with Jason Osborn

Do you know who your ideal customer is?  Is your focus too broad?  What marketing strategy do you use to attract new customers?  In this episode, Chris Casale and Ryan Smith chat with Jason Osborn about the RETHINK formula and how businesses are applying it to find their niche and supercharge their results.

Jason Osborn, Head of Coaching
for Rethink Academy

Ryan Smith: [00:02:07] So we’re very excited to have today’s guest, Jason Osborn. He is the head of coaching for Rethink Academy and he’s a leader in digital marketing strategies to help solopreneurs all the way up to SMBs and enterprise-level businesses grow and scale their business online. So we’d like to formally welcome Jason all the way from Leeds, England, by the way, of Irelands in Houston, Texas to Digital Marketing Happy Hour.

Podcast Highlights

Jason Osborn: [00:05:35] So the Rethink Academy was started up by Paul O’Mahony, and I’ve known Paul for a long time. I actually met him in Ireland. We were both doing online marketing and I met him when he was just starting off. 

He was completely broke, but he’s built up a fantastic business over the last 11 years. And so what we do now, I’m the head of coaching with Rethink and work with Paul and what we do with the different programs. So we have kind of an entry-level program where thousands of people come through every single year. And then a percentage of those, several hundred of those every single year also can upgrade, if you will, into our VIP membership, which is very high level. There’s coaching, mentoring involved. All of that. 

And we work with clients to help them either start a business online or how to scale kind of their, quote, unquote, brick and mortars type of business so that it can be been in business for 30 years or whatever in just showing them how to utilize social platforms to build their businesses and generate leads. So, you know, Rethink Academy, where we’ve been branching out over the last couple of years, and obviously a staple of what we do is online. 

The online marketing, social media, all of that. But we are having different branches where we’ve got like a kid’s financial education, part of the business time management business and hell. So we’re doing kind of the whole rethink different niches or niches where wherever in the world you have you ever you say that word. 

So where, you know, you kind of think the dummy’s guide, we’re kind of doing like a RETHINK element of that. So we’re expanding out quite a lot. But, yeah, it started with the whole online media portion of it. So that’s Rethink Academy. And we help people all over the world, got clients all over the world. It’s amazing to see their progress and now working with us.  

“The riches are in the niches”

Ryan Smith: [00:07:32] hey have a saying, you know. Right. The riches are in the niches. Right. So niching down in getting, narrowing down. I think a lot of people have a problem with that because it’s so hard. You feel like you’re leaving, you know, areas off the table when you niche down. But for your the RETHINK formula, is that something that is very niche-specific? 

RETHINK formula:

  • Right niche
  • Evaluating your avatar
  • Targeting the right traffic
  • Help others
  • Immediate upsell
  • Nurture your list
  • Know your numbers

Jason Osborn: [00:07:52] Yeah, it can be applied to multiple kinds of niches. But as you said, Ryan, it’s really important that people do need. Down into what they’re doing. And I like what you said. People are afraid of that. They’re really concerned about niching down. And it’s one of the things that we chat through with our clients all the time. I’m constantly having these conversations because being able to niche down is really important. 

Jason Osborn: [00:08:18] RETHINK for social media, each letter stands for something. In the first two it it’s ‘R’ which is your Right niche and then ‘E’ which is Evaluating your avatar. And it’s important that you’re able to do both of those getting really clear on that, because if you don’t, what happens is you fall into what I call a commodity market where you’re just lumping yourself into a group of other people that do similar sorts of stuff to you and you end up competing on price. You know, can any be a personal trainer, life coach? 

You could be an accountant, you know, a solicitor or whatever. Niching down and getting really clear on who your target market is. What’s the outcome that you’re able to help them to achieve? Being really clear on that’s important as soon as you start going really broad. We always tell people if you try to speak to everybody, you’ll end up speaking to nobody. So in it and it’s kind of cliche, but it’s so true.

“If you try to speak to everybody, you’ll end up speaking to nobody”

Ryan Smith: [00:16:17] I think it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. Everybody has a brand statement. Even as yourself you have a brand statement about what you do. You know, you might be a cog in a bigger wheel, but you still have an identity. And one thing I noticed on LinkedIn, probably 90, maybe 85.7% of the people, they had their headline and LinkedIn of what their position is, but what your position is, is not necessarily what you do. 

Ryan Smith: [00:17:31] I just want to kind of go back to that, because I think that really is important. And it’s one of the fundamentals that people just overlook and they just go right to trying to get a sale, but they don’t realize that you have to have that sort of identity. And, you know, it’s sort of the elevator pitch in words in a way. 

Jason Osborn: [00:17:49] Yeah, it’s exactly what it is. It’s that elevator pitch headline, you know, whatever you want to call it. And, you know, although we do a lot of stuff with RETHINK, you know, my specialty and focus is on LinkedIn. So, yeah, I see this stuff all the time on LinkedIn. 

And I always tell people, no matter what platform you’re on, let’s just be really honest. No one really cares about you. Oh, they want to know how you’re going to help them. What’s that result that you can help them with? 

And and if you focus and change what you do so that your message is focused on the results, you’re able to help your process, your ideal prospects achieve, they’re going to be much more likely to at least be inquisitive of what you do and want to know more about what you do. 

Jason Osborn: [00:22:49] So making sure that you’re targeting your ideal prospects on the platforms where they are. So if you’re very focused on business to business (B2B), LinkedIn is a great platform for that. If you’re more business to consumer (B2C) Facebook or Instagram, would be really good for that. 

So understanding where your target market is kind of hanging out and you want to get in front of them. And then once you’re targeting them, you want to help them for free. And this is, you know, if if you’ve been around for marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of this concept is not new, but it works and it’s it’s helping people free. 

And it could be an e-book. It could be a video training. It could be anything really, but it’s that lead magnet that you’re giving away that people put in. They get for free, but they put their name and email address in there and it works. 

Some people say it doesn’t work anymore. It works it still works. And so you’re building that up. And the thing about it is you always want to lead with value. And I totally agree with you, Chris. You know, going in and just looking at how to make the most amount of money. 

Look, you go into business. Most of us go into business to be profitable with it, obviously. Do, you know, enjoy what we’re doing, but be profitable. But leading with value and showing people how you can help them is so important. 

And so whether it’s the content you’re putting out on social media, the lead magnets that you’re giving away, you’re wanting to make sure that you want to show, give people a taster. You know why? Why would someone come back for more? Why would someone want to continue to work with you? Why would someone want to give you their money? 

You know, and if you don’t give them if you’re lead magnet, it doesn’t really give value or it’s really put together poorly where it’s like I can tell there was no thought put into this. Well, then that’s going to reflect when you actually offer them something that they can pay for, like, well, the free thing wasn’t even any good. So that’s a reflection of your paid for stuff too. 

What’s one takeaway you’d like our listeners to gain from this interview? 

Jason Osborn: [00:40:47] The one takeaway is stand out. Stand out. Don’t be normal. Don’t be a commodity. What makes you different? Different. And how can you stand out add more value then your competition. If you can stand out, you’ll do really well. 

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