Content Marketing That Attracts and Converts, Cybersecurity Issues and More News

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Each week we bring you a wrap-up of engaging news, tips and trends from social media and marketing technology. This week we learned that you shouldn’t create content for the sake of creating content. You should create content that converts. We’ll explore how to create ridiculously good content with Kim Garst. Are you looking for blogs of inspiration on startups? Check out 33 personal blogs that Buffer loves.  If you’re struggling to learn content essentials, find out why they are the 20% of your content that gives you 80% of results.  On the technology side we experienced a massive cyberattack that knocked out popular platforms like eBay, Spotify, Twitter, Netflix and more.

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Stop Creating Content That Doesn’t Convert

By Zontee Hou
Convince & Convert

Welcome back to Talk Digital to Me! Today’s guest is Convince & Convert’s own Zontee Hou, strategist extraordinaire and digital marketing expert.

Zontee’s the master of the marketing roadmap. She helps brands decipher where to focus their marketing efforts, what kind of content they need to create, and how they stack up against their competitors. In today’s episode, you’ll hear her recommendations for re-thinking your brand’s marketing vision, plus the tools and strategies to make that vision a reality.

Curious why your marketing strategy isn’t converting?

Create Ridiculously Good Content That Attracts New Customers

By Kim Garst

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing is creating a steady stream of content. And not just any content will do; your content needs to be well written, engaging and needs to leave people wanting more. This is no easy feat!

Yet the potential benefits of creating amazing content are huge. According to this infographic from Demand Metric, content marketing drives around 3x as many leads as traditional marketing.

Assuming you could use some new leads for your business, keep reading! This post will outline some strategies you can use to create ridiculously good content that actually works to attract new customers.

33 Personal Blogs of Startup Marketers We Love

By Alfred Lua

I like to think that reading the blog of a marketer I admire is like having a coffee with them and getting a chance to learn all about their approach to marketing. ☕

Personally, I have benefited a lot from reading these blogs, especially blogs published by startup marketers. Here are a couple of reasons why I love them:

1.    When they write about their work, I get to learn about how they approach growth and marketing at their company and what tactics, techniques, and channels they use.

2.    When they write about their personal life, I get a peek into what they do outside work to make them such great.

Here at Buffer, we’ve shared our favorite content marketing blogs and advanced marketing blogs. We’ve also asked you about your favorite blogs. And today, I’d love to take you on a deep-dive into personal blogs of startup marketers.

Here’s the list of my favorite personal blogs of startup marketers, recommendations from fellow marketers on, and great blogs I found from my research.

How to Find and Use Your Content Essentials: A Template and Step-by-Step Guide

By Michele Linn
Content Marketing Institute

I hate shopping, and I have a limited fashion sense. So when a friend offered to help me shop for wardrobe essentials that I could mix and match to suit almost any occasion, I wholeheartedly agreed. These staples have been so helpful in many ways.

Now I no longer spend time thinking about what to wear and I don’t constantly second-guess myself. Packing is not a nightmare because I don’t have to try on a bunch of things that are “meh” and “good enough.” A wardrobe of staples has saved me so much time, and I feel much more confident.

Do you want to regain some time — and come across as more put together? Let me help you put together your content essentials.

Massive Cyberattack Turned Ordinary Devices into Weapons

By Samuel Burke
CNN Money

A cyberattack that took down large swaths of the internet around the world on Friday was carried out, in part, by unsuspecting devices connected to the internet.

Security firm Flashpoint said it believes that digital video recorders and webcams in people’s homes were taken over by malware and then, without owners’ knowledge, used to help execute the massive cyberattack.

Hundreds of thousands of devices appear to have been infected with the malware.

It was a distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, attack. Using the malware, hackers were able to flood a website with so much traffic that it impaired normal service.

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