Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

Mobile marketing is more important and popular today than it’s ever been since the evolution of the smartphone. Google emphasized the importance of mobile by making it a priority and to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly; therefore, organic search from smartphones is affected by your mobile website.  In that case, what is the current situation with mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing used to be a new concept with digital marketing. Now it’s the focal point of many digital marketing campaigns.

  • 50% of mobile users start their search process from their phones
  • 54% of mobile users search additional media sources for more information
  • 46% of smartphone owners use mobile exclusively as their primary search tool

On the other hand, email marketing has never been more popular. Slowly dying are the days of a desktop method for checking email. Today 91% use smartphones to check email at least once a day. With all of this activity gravitating toward the smartphone, mobile advertising is on the rise.

  • eMarketer predicts mobile ad spending to hit $158 billion by 2018
  • Mobile ad spending will account for 22% of all advertising by 2018

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Mobile Marketing
Source: 3Sixty Interactive