How to Measure Content Marketing Success Using Analytics

Content Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Happy Hour · Episode 26: How to Measure Content Marketing Success Using Analytics You created that content, you posted it on social channels, you crossed your fingers, lit a candle and said a prayer – is it actually working?  Check your analytics!   How do you know which data points to look at? Not … Read more

7 Steps to Success Competing with Content Marketing [Infographic]

Smart Insights teamed up with HubSpot to produce new research on content marketing. They asked 768 marketers based in Europe how they planned to use content marketing in their business in 2015. The results of their research are below: Relevance is the intersection of what the brand must effectively communicate and what the customer wants … Read more

Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is more important and popular today than it’s ever been since the evolution of the smartphone. Google emphasized the importance of mobile by making it a priority and to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly; therefore, organic search from smartphones is affected by your mobile website.  In that case, what is the current situation … Read more

HubSpot: An Overview of Reports and Marketing Analytics

If you’re running a business – or working for one – you probably understand how important it is to have reliable data.  Without data, any decisions you make will be gut instincts or wild guesses. Measuring information such as the amount of sales, number of clients, website visitors, etc. can help inform your decision making. … Read more