Are You Aligning Social Media Marketing Strategy that Generates Results?

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Are you creating a social media marketing strategy that truly aligns with the platforms where your customers are consuming content? Sounds elementary, right? However, data shows that United States based marketers may be relying too heavy on platforms where there isn’t as much internet users as originally thought. 

Are You Aligning Social Media Marketing Strategy that Generates Results?

Instagram is HOT right now, but is there too much brand reliance on this platform? U.S and Canadian brands are going all in on influencer marketing with the platform. 

Twitter was once a staple of social media marketing, literally a pillar of social change in regions throughout the world; however, with 50% of social media marketers using the platform as part of their brand strategy, maybe this isn’t the best platform for everyone. 

At the end of the day, know where your Ideal Customer Avatar spends their time and only target those platforms. DO NOT be on all platforms (unless you know your customer is there and you have the budget).

We know for B2B, LinkedIn is the undisputed champion; however, the fastest growing platform, and legit advertising contender, is TikTok. The barrier to entry for brands on TikTok is very low right now. Early adopters to the platform will have access to spread their message to TikTok’s 500 million users. 

Have aligned your social media marketing strategy with where your audience is or is it the platform you feel they are. 

Leave a comment below for the social media platform you see the best results? Is it paid or organic? 

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