The Second Pillar of Digital Marketing – Social Media

Second Pillar Digital Marketing - Social Media

Social media has been important for the last decade, but heading into 2021, it may be the most important pillar of digital marketing.  In this episode, Chris Casale and Ryan Smith break down the second pillar of digital marketing – social media, where they discuss the demographics of each social network and the best way … Read more

Social Media and Marketing News, 22 November 2019

Social Media and Digital Marketing News

Each week we bring you a wrap-up of curated content containing engaging news, tips and trends from digital marketing and social media. This week learn the difference between reach and impressions in social media and what’s important to you, how to get more out of your Instagram stories with tips on how to create effective ads, the latest Twitter tool, how you can and should incorporate Snapchat, plus TikTok has surpassed 1.6 billion downloads and what that means for your social media strategy.

Are You Aligning Social Media Marketing Strategy that Generates Results?

Are you creating a social media marketing strategy that truly aligns with the platforms where your customers are consuming content? Sounds elementary, right? However, data shows that United States based marketers may be relying too heavy on platforms where there isn’t as much internet users as originally thought.  Instagram is HOT right now, but is … Read more

Innovative Ways Entrepreneurs are using Social Media for Funding and More Marketing News

Social Media Marketing News

Each week we bring you a wrap-up of engaging news, tips and trends from social media and marketing technology. This week we learned how entrepreneurs are utilizing social media platforms for funding opportunities and what will be trending in 2017 for content marketing? It’s important to formulate your plans now and include these trends. Additionally, … Read more

Social Media Steps You Must Include in Your Marketing Plan

A social media marketing plan is the foundation that you build your campaign around. Very basic, right? Yes. However, more and more it’s becoming a vital step that all too often gets overlooked. When speaking with entrepreneurs and small-to-medium size business leaders, it appears that most are in a get-the-content-live-and-fast approach, and they’re missing the … Read more

Social Media Examples and Content Marketing for B2C, SMB Revenue Optimism and More Articles

B2C Marketing

Each week we bring you a wrap-up of engaging news, tips and trends from social media and marketing technology. This week we learned 10 social media examples for your B2C content marketing, a report on the optimism of small-business owners and their revenues, a long list of social media marketing tips the experts swear by, … Read more

LinkedIn’s Added-Value, Facebook Reactions, Improve Your Social Media and More Articles

The articles below are a recap of what received the most engagement from my personal Twitter stream. I share a ton of social media and marketing news daily, and these are the articles that generated the most interest this past week. This week we learned more about the shift in LinkedIn’s platform, which enhanced its … Read more

ICYMI: Content Marketing Metrics, Top Podcasts for Productivity and More Articles

Productivity and social media marketing

Take a look back at this week’s review of the most engaging articles on social media marketing and productivity. The most popular topics include identifying the top key content marketing metrics, what do the most successful people do before they go to sleep each night, what are the top eight ways planning will make you … Read more

ICYMI: Pinpoint your target customer, determine your social media marketing budget, inbound marketing and more

Social Media Marketing

Below is a highlight of the most engaging articles that you may have missed this week in marketing. One of the most overlooked aspects of marketing is to identify and ‘pinpoint’ who your target customer is. There are a number of categories to research, including demographics, interests, behaviors and more. Let’s dig a little deeper … Read more