Web Design Usability – Statistics You Must Know [Infographic]

Web Design Usability Statistics You Must Know

Web design usability is an important factor in the design and development of a website.  After all, the easier a website is to use, the more likely visitors will stick around. Web usability includes elements such as the presentation of information, ensuring responsiveness across various devices and browsers, and ensuring the website content is appropriate … Read more

Top Speakers We’re Looking Forward to at Inbound15

It’s that time of year again and we at araxam.com are preparing for another exciting week at Inbound15.  If you’re not already familiar with it, Inbound is probably the most exciting marketing conference of the year.  It kicks off the day after Labor Day at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and will feature inspiring … Read more

7 Steps to Success Competing with Content Marketing [Infographic]

Smart Insights teamed up with HubSpot to produce new research on content marketing. They asked 768 marketers based in Europe how they planned to use content marketing in their business in 2015. The results of their research are below: Relevance is the intersection of what the brand must effectively communicate and what the customer wants … Read more

The Best E-Commerce Checkout Practices [Infographic]

Best E-Commerce Checkout Practices

A recent survey done by Smashing Magazine examines the E-Commerce checkout process and examines the best and worst practices of the top 100 grossing E-Commerce sites. The average e-commerce checkout is 5.08 steps, with the shortest offering a 1 step checkout and the longest containing 9 steps. It is, however, important to note that the … Read more

29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics [Infographic]

How do you measure the effectiveness of content? Content marketing has come a long way and there are now definitive metrics to answer this question. Here is a list of 29 of the best metrics curated by Curata and labeled by channel (i.e., blog / site, email, social media, assets, and feeds) and grouped by … Read more

Your Twitter Strategy Sucks

Twitter Strategy Sucks

I’ve only been using Twitter for the last year or so and already I’m starting to hate it.  Don’t get me wrong, I see the potential for meaningful interactions.  The problem is, there’s too much noise.  And the spam?  Don’t get me started. Oh, and you want to know one of the more frustrating aspects … Read more

HubSpot: An Overview of Reports and Marketing Analytics

If you’re running a business – or working for one – you probably understand how important it is to have reliable data.  Without data, any decisions you make will be gut instincts or wild guesses. Measuring information such as the amount of sales, number of clients, website visitors, etc. can help inform your decision making. … Read more

Metrics Corner: Understanding Time on Page / Site

The Metrics Corner series features important metrics to review when analyzing the health of your marketing, business or website.  In a previous article we reviewed bounce rate.  This article will focus on the website metrics of Time on Page and Time on Site, which in many ways can be considered sister metrics to bounce rate. … Read more