The First Pillar of Digital Marketing – Search

First Pillar of Digital Marketing - Search

Is search engine optimization (SEO) still important?  What role does voice search (Siri, Google, Cortana) play today?  In this episode, Chris Casale and Ryan Smith break down the first pillar of digital marketing – search, where they discuss why search is still relevant, the many facets of search, and how you can help your business … Read more

The Critical SEO Pillars Every Business Needs with Damon Burton

Digital Marketing Happy Hour podcast

Have you ever wondered what it was like to launch a business during the Great Recession?  Have you ever had to navigate the challenges of working with clients? How are your experiences in SEO from an agency perspective similar or different than your peers in the industry? Digital Marketing Happy Hour · Episode 9: The … Read more

Podcast Episode 7: How to Get Better SEO Results by Using Data

Digital Marketing Happy Hour podcast

Digital Marketing Happy Hour · Episode 7: How to Get Better SEO Results by Using Data Using data to inform your business decisions allows you to take opinion out of the equation.  Data works for more than just business goals.  It can, and should, guide your SEO strategy as well.  In this episode, Chris and … Read more

Podcast Episode 6: How To Use Content Marketing and Get Better SEO Results

Digital Marketing Happy Hour podcast

Digital Marketing Happy Hour · Episode 6: SEO and Content Marketing You know content is important, but how do you know what content to create? What tools should you use to evaluate how your organic strategy is performing? Here are a few excerpts from the SEO and content episode: Chris Casale: [00:03:13] anytime you go … Read more

SEO and Content Marketing Round-up

SEO insights, tips and content marketing stratgies

A Search Engine Optimization SEO round up of curated articles that will enhance your knowledge, provide tips and content marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll lean on HubSpot to fully explain how often every company, entrepreneur or SMB should blog. Written word is still a vital part of content marketing and blogging should still be a central piece of your content marketing and SEO strategy.

Social Media and Marketing News, 10 October 2019

Social Media and Digital Marketing News

Each week we bring you a wrap-up of engaging news, tips and trends from social media and marketing technology. As you prepare or fine tune your social media and digital marketing plan it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in all things SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 18 Ways to Diagnose … Read more

Top 10 SEO Tools and Resources

SEO Tools

SEO is one of the most popular buzzwords on the Internet today.  The importance of optimizing your website so it can easily be found by people searching for your content cannot be understated.  In addition to being a free form of advertising, SEO will send targeted keyword-specific searches to your website, which helps to brand … Read more