The Second Pillar of Digital Marketing – Social Media

Second Pillar Digital Marketing - Social Media

Social media has been important for the last decade, but heading into 2021, it may be the most important pillar of digital marketing.  In this episode, Chris Casale and Ryan Smith break down the second pillar of digital marketing – social media, where they discuss the demographics of each social network and the best way … Read more

Innovative Ways Entrepreneurs are using Social Media for Funding and More Marketing News

Social Media Marketing News

Each week we bring you a wrap-up of engaging news, tips and trends from social media and marketing technology. This week we learned how entrepreneurs are utilizing social media platforms for funding opportunities and what will be trending in 2017 for content marketing? It’s important to formulate your plans now and include these trends. Additionally, … Read more

Tools for Entrepreneurs, Twitter Marketing, Instagram and More News

Social media marketing

This week in social media and marketing technology news we learned that what the top tools every entrepreneur must use, after a review of 16 million blog posts Buffer discovered 3 unusual lessons, how to maximizing Twitter as a marketing and engagement tool and 48 stats that will improve your Instagram strategy. To read the … Read more

ICYMI: Tools for Entrepreneurs, Fake Yelp Reviews, Pros and Cons of Social Media Platforms and More

Trending in Social Media Marketing

Getting a business started is hard enough for entrepreneurs, we’ll help make the process a little easier with Neil Patel’s 10 tools that you need before you get started. Additionally, this week we’ll take a dip into the world of online reviews, specifically how Yelp is weeding out the fake reviews, it’s popularity and pitfalls … Read more

ICYMI: Influencer Marketing, Twitter Event Targeting, Social Media Branding and More Articles

Social media marketing

News travels fast and there’s a lot of it out there. It’s easy to miss something relevant and important. Let us help! Influencer marketing was a big topic this week that received a lot of engagement. The gamut ranged from how to create an influencer marketing strategy to how to communicate your ideas to this … Read more

Social Media Marketing News from SMMW16; Twitter Lists, Snapchat Strategy and More

Social media marketing

News travels fast and there’s a lot of it out there. It’s easy to miss something relevant and important. Let us help! This was a big week in social media highlighted by the largest social media event of the year, Social Media Marketing World 16 in San Diego, CA. Below are some of the featured … Read more

Your Twitter Strategy Sucks

Twitter Strategy Sucks

I’ve only been using Twitter for the last year or so and already I’m starting to hate it.  Don’t get me wrong, I see the potential for meaningful interactions.  The problem is, there’s too much noise.  And the spam?  Don’t get me started. Oh, and you want to know one of the more frustrating aspects … Read more

Tweet Smarter: Twitter Best Practices


At the INBOUND14 conference in Boston, I had the opportunity to attend a session taught by Anne Mercogliano, head of Small and Mid-Sized Business Marketing, and Russ Laraway, head of Small and Mid-Sized Business at Twitter.  What follows in this article is some insight they provided to help people like you and me “tweet smarter.” … Read more

Twitter Takes the Gold during 2014 Winter Olympics

We knew social media would be buzzing with the Winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia. There was plenty of things to discuss heading into Sochi: construction problems, security and gay rights/protests, but then we learned via #SochiProblems about the hotel accommodations, vulnerability of immediately being hacked when you get on the Internet and more. … Read more